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Friday, 20 August 2010

Battles of a Super mommy!

Battles of a Super mommy!

I had finally made it to the 3rd Semester…now I was starting to get really impatient…the wait to EDD seemed like an eternity!

It was an extremely difficult phase for both of us…we were relocating to UK and Joy had to enter the country in next 15 days from the date of visa issue. I decided to move to my parent’s place in Mumbai for the delivery and thus began our ‘long distance relationship’…..

Spent long hours on Skype just to get a glimpse of each other, managed different time zones and coped with each other’s tantrums and anger outbursts to win the battle of survival in a new, lonely and cold land without family and friends..

Can’t thank my honey enough to take up this Herculean task of jumping into the unknown and risking his future leaving behind his wife and unborn child without a secure job in the most expensive city in the world…But, it was because of this risk that we took that has made us stronger as a family and made us fall in love all over again!

‘We’ missed him crazily…stayed alive with the hope of him hugging me tightly again and making it in time from London for the arrival of our bundle of joy…

Our friends and family stood with us as our pillars of strength throughout this testing period without whom we wouldn’t be what we are today...Thanks guys once again making US happen!

Life seemed to crawl with watching my zillionth movie DVD at home, attending Antenatal exercise classes (highly recommended to cope with labour stress), and discussing curious experiences with other Mommy-to-be members.

It isn’t an easy task to stay stylish when you can’t see your own feet neither eat properly without gulping down crates of fizzy colas to digest it nor sleep on any one side for more than 8 minutes….

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her chubby cheeks and head full of hair…a big thank you to Dr. Kiran @ Lilavati, Mumbai and the latest 4D Sonography technique that enabled me to see my cheeky baby smiling and even sticking out tongue at my mom and giving us the Thumbs-Up sign as if to say ‘All ok in here Mommy; Relax, Don’t worry’…This made me forget my Stretch marks and back aches immediately…..Daddy called me from London to say how much baby resembled him, hence obviously good looking..LOL… I decided to present this DVD recording to my baby on the 18th birthday to show how tiny she was….

I was really freaked out after reading /listening to Labour horrors and realised they don’t called it LABOUR for just fun! Then began my endless nightmares about Joy not making it to the Delivery room due to missing his flight back home, or an Alien coming out of my tummy and the most reoccurring one about me not reaching the hospital due to water logging and traffic jams on Mumbai streets….and the list goes on…

As a distraction, my family and friends threw me an amazing Baby Shower…Papa organized my all favourite items available on the Mainland China menu….(no wonder my baby has Chinese eyes) and whistled the tunes to which the baby responded my kicking harder and faster…Ooooof!

But, all is well that ends well they say…

Joy did fly down two days earlier, I did get into the hospital on time, went through ‘Best of both worlds’ with nearly 3 hours of labour pain and then Emergency Caesarean Section, Joy almost threw up with the smell of disinfectant and sight of surgical instruments in the Labour room, I did make the entire OT staff crazy with my queries and hygiene panic utilising my ‘Medical knowledge’ to the fullest insisting on keeping my glasses on to witness that they were just taking out my baby and not any other organs….

And at last, there I was looking at the most precious gift of God I ever…our Masterpiece creation….Miss Adya Bhattacharya!

She arrived on 18th June,2008 at 4.07 pm, weighing 3.75 kg with jet black hair, hazel brown eyes and a smile to die for…She kissed me on my cheeks and stopped wailing the moment Joy picked her up and then our lives changed forever….

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