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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spring sans Daddy!

Yes, it’s finally in the air! I can hear the birdies chirping early mornings, smell the new shoots and fruits in the air and love eating dinner while the sun is still shining outside the living room window…Those long awaited spring weekends are finally here- where you can shed massive kilos of warm clothing and gobble down ice creams while having a stroll in the park in flip flops and flaunt variety of summery dresses and sunglasses in your wardrobe….

But, all this warmth simply goes up like barbeque smoke when Adya and I sulk in the absence of Daddy out on his business trips that loom up every now and then like the dark grey clouds appearing out of nowhere and heavy downpour playing  spoilsport our wonderful picnics!
Although, mummy really tries to make it funny and interesting at the same time by inventing new funny faces by rolling her eyes and sticking hey tongue out or tickling me nonstop or yawning loudly, Daddy is dearly missed.
We have our Library trips to have some reading up before Night- Night time and the London bus Carrousel ride that I so enjoy. She gets me new Jigsaw Puzzles to solve and also invites my friends over from the nursery for awesome girly kitchen pizza parties.
Daddy Out –of-home status does give us some GIRL TIME to catch up on some essential shopping sprees for yet another pair of shoes or that must have summer top for both of us and also all the junk food we could chomp behind the fitness conscious male in our family: READ Mac Donald burger and chips which we both simply adore since mom doesn’t need to cook then! But, the best part is that I can crawl in next to mummy at night without her screaming since she’s really afraid of sleeping alone!

But we both know, that life is just not the same without my best buddy who simply removes zero from 30 to be my playmate, singing partner and dressing up pal all in one!
I miss Daddy helping me put baby doll to sleep by feeding her milk… I miss Daddy taking me for picnics in the park or jumping on the bed or having a blast on the bouncy castle at Funky Monkey…

I miss Daddy assisting me to paint my first masterpiece or ten pin bowling OOOPss game at home… I miss him so….

Till he returns from his trip with his suitcase filled with goodies for me: pretty dresses, chocolates, toy laptop and telephones, dollies and the list goes on..and occasionally some pretty looking jewellery or magnet curios for mummy, for being such a patient babysitter, which I don’t know why she finds so very interesting as compared to all these return gifts literally!
Daddy, when and where did you say was your next trip again??

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  1. nice!..adya surely has a gifted mom who has expressed her thoughts to perfection! :)