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Friday, 4 February 2011

New Year Resolution: Make Mommy my personal Wikipedia!

When you bring a baby home from the hospital, you never think that 1st day of the Kindergarten would ever arrive…yet this year my lil girl will actually go to ‘BIG SCHOOL’…Sorry! Adya will be really annoyed if she realises I am even remotely referring to her as a little girl when she is a very BIG girl capable of taking care of all the younger kiddos at her Nursery, or she thinks!
Daddy and I were doing the admission procedure rounds of the local schools (Parents: Please note that this task is more tedious and stressful than even planning for your own wedding!) It dawned upon us that Adya has grown up so much in the last six months…she is getting taller by the day, outgrowing all the pretty skirts at rapid speed…at this rate she would soon overtake me in height according to her father…LOL!
We recalled how she has gone from Goo-goo – Gaga to WHY, No Thanks and Excuse meeeeeeeeee! The recent great big Indian vacation has contributed largely to her growing vocabulary….but you gotta figure out the context of application in her sentence Hahoo may mean Mathew and well as Love u…Doggy, birdy, potty all sound the same, you gotta decipher the code…
She shows off her newly achieved motor skills such as carrying her own cereal bowl to the dining table and tossing the crumbs and leftovers into the bin, or cleaning the tables with wet wipes for the 125th time! Daddy has become an official member of the’’ Wrapped around my daughter’s finger ‘’ club, clapping after each ’Tidy up’ session or giving a big star after every potty training success story!
She considers Mommy as her private advisory board to confirm and validate every new shape, animal, colour, number and alphabet she recognizes for its correctness. Shes already very protective of me and advices like a granny: ‘Mommy, Be Careful…Its raining’. With a mind of her own already, she loves following a streamlined storyboard and dislikes the sequence of activities being broken…like mommy has to be picked up from the Underground station before going home daddy…who would make our dinner then?? Hates if the same instructions are repeated more than 2 times and replies sternly ‘I KNOW DADDY’ if asked to have her cheese or fruit…
Adya has matured into the ‘BFF’ category already for me with a myriad of offerings such as handpicking her hair accessories matching with mine, asking me for my bracelets and neck wear immediately, trying on my gloves and stilettos the moment I take them off. And dare I step outside without my Lipsteeeeeek! She loves to put cream on herself and daddy and is already the fiercely independent chic kind: brushing her teeth and combing her hair without my interference.
She is my personal alarm system with ‘Mummy: Wake uppppppp’ call preset for 6 am each morn. Then we play the Animal Farm and ENT game recalling all her fav Old Mac Donald characters and Human anatomy recognition, while still being lazy in bed. Our personal ‘Health and Safety Officer’ at home ensures saving electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and ensuring buckling up seat belt of even her baby dolly before taking her for a walk in her pram in her imaginative park and say ‘ Don’t Cry’ each time with a pout worth dying for…feed her milk at regular intervals like a grown up carer....she wont set a foot outdoors without proper winter gear covering her from head to toe, even if that means having a battlefield attire just to go and buy milk… inherited clearly from mommy’s overprotective nature along with my sweet tooth and cleanliness syndrome, of course!
My brave lil fighter baby can start an anti-needle phobia training campaign…im so proud of her smiling after all her vaccination shots the moment I kissed her…and daddy should be the 1st sign up member of this group….
Normal kids of her age would love to play with toys and there is ADYA…She would first look for battery slots, buttons, LED displays, flaps, knobs…..her mark up territory is the Kitchen area with Microwave, oven, washing machine…plenty of gadget terrain to explore for my lil engineer in the making! She gets annoyed if the wrong remote is used and knew to distinguish between the TV, DVD and Sky box remote control since she was 10 months old.
Adya has been blessed with memory cells that cannot be manipulated easily which lands mommy in trouble at times….she remembers exactly which book is missing and returned to the library and where she left that hidden chocolate left over from last evening.. During our weekly shopping sprees she simply remembers to pick up her favourite items like comic books and puts it promptly on the till for billing….
At times it gets a little catastrophic with Adya on weekends providing 24/7 brain stem cell stimulation…God bless Giggles Nursery for saving us on weekdays..I end up tearing my hair after tripping on blocks, wiping off food from her highchair or cleansing tiny fingerprints left on the TV screen or scrubbing off paint marks from her new jumper….
But, my heart melts away the moment my vulnerable baby comes crying to me to kiss away her boo boo when shes hurt or unwell.…My 3 feet angel is my only solace after a hectic day at work….she kisses my tears away in her own way to say she is there for me…
 Adya, I may have been frustrated with you, been jealous of u, angry with u…but you can lift my spirits in a second with your gorgeous smile a simple Love u Mummy….
One of my best miracles on earth is to b your mum…May our hearts be best of friends linked forever….through childhood , teenage terrains and beyond…im just a call away…be it night or day…My spirit belongs to you and my love for u is an unconditional lifeboat, sun up or sundown…

Your Fan no 1,