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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

From Nappies to Skirts

I can write a zillion lines on her every cheeky move, but here are just a few ones on her year 1….
Miss Adya Bhattacharya is the 1st girl child to be born after 65 years in our family which definitely called for Super Duper celebrations…Her arrival announcement appeared in Times Of India at her birth. She is a complete clone of Joy…complete Daddy’s girl…with Mummy’s Blood Group as the only gene factor contribution to her creation!

Having a lil girl is really a gift…you just fall in love with the Pink Section of Mother care…so many options…so little bands, skirts, shoes, leggings, tops, halter necks and Yes…every accessory needs to match up!

My starry eyed Queen Victoria posed for her 1st passport
photograph on Day 5 followed by constant chase by the Paparazzi (Read: Mommy with her camera: 24 x 7) since Daddy left for London and demanded to know what was the dress, hairstyle and food of the day every few hours!!!
I still remember the 1st vaccination rounds…wanted to kill the Nurse for piercing your tender thighs with that massive injection syringe…my brave girl hardly shed a tear wile mommy wept like crazy…
My sweety turned for the 1st time when she was 3 months old…but she is a real lazy bum…could hardly support herself and held her neck high after ages…once she sat up…would take an eternity to crawl and went in the reverse gear in backward direction first…she stood up for the 1st time on my birthday in her cot and don’t ask about her first steps her own…she still walks like at Penguin at 2!

We moved to London when she was just 3 fact the 10 hour flight from Mumbai to London Heathrow was her 1st outing in her pram. She was so awed with the many lights and people around her that she stuck her right arm up all the way as if saying: ‘Hail England, here comes Queen Victoria!’  
Thus, began my battle of survival in this cold land filled with strangers and no support system except a confused yet adorable and globe trotting yet comforting husband who tried his best to calm post partum depressions along with smelly nappies and midnight wails!
Post Its and Disposable bibs and Microwaveable meals are just like Genies for super busy moms juggling 1000 household chores, job hunting and managing to put a smile on the two most important souls on earth…so even after emptying the never ending laundry wash basket for the 10th time in a week and sterilizing the zillionth water bottle..u still needed to look good and wear your makeup right and be ever ready for a quick snuggle up session while the baby is asleep even though all u want is plain vanilla SLEEEEEEEEP!
It is a Balancing Act indeed!!
Yes, its unfortunate but true…kids don’t come with instruction manuals nor with remote controls to press that Mute button at midnite…New moms will quickly realise that you gotta develop some long forgotten skills very quickly:
·       ‘Patience is a virtue’ needs to become the motto in your life!
·       No energy or vitamin supplementary capsule can provide you the level of activity that a 5 month old is capable no point trying to get them tired out!
·       Your brain can never actually switch off for the next 5 years and need to become multi tasker of your 5 sensory organs
·       You need to get immune to nappy stinks and cleaning up the throw ups that defy Newton’s Law of Gravity largely. As a positive side to this, you may end up getting a part time job in the Fire Dept or Bomb Squad for your sharp smelling sense! 

  • You will do things you never ever dreamed you would-   lick chocolate or any food off the kiddo’s fingers capable of making another Surf Excel advertisement, pick up toys tossed inside the potty and clean it for its next turn, carry non-Prada unfashionable and boring bags but spacious enough to carry your baby world with you wherever you go, search for the Baby Change sign in every shopping mall before the Sale sign!

You must be thinking it cant get worse at this point…you are still naïve…When you have to deal with Ego and Tantrums from a 6 Month old…you will think again…
Adya was downright and No-Nonsense girl right from the start…her pet hates are long boring dresses, old music numbers and the sun on her face or brushing her long hair…

Her teething issues nearly drove us insane…her moodswings had us startled…fever, soreness, temper and my jolly lil baby turned into a grumpy granny!

She had her 1st solid food ceremony:
Annoprashan at 7 months with first bite offered by her Mamu. She has been a fussy eater always and still bugs me to the core to finish off her dinner..she has inherited her carnivore non-veg genes so very aptly that she wont touch anything green unless accompanied by Tuna, Turkey or Chicken slices…the only veggie factor she loves is Cheese and French Fries…and off course that latest Hindi Item numbers playing on TV!

At this phase, we had to go into total ‘Baby Proofing’ mode for the house, removed all sharp ended furniture and edible/non edible stuff (buttons, shoes, pens, batteries, newspaper, coins…she has tried chewing up everything!)

Adya has a fascination for water as if she was a camel in the Nevada desert in her last birth…simply cant resist water and can spot her water bottle hidden behind anything!
Our new home slowly turned into a miniature Hamleys store with toys of all shapes and sizes…some of her favourites are her Car stroller, Penguin and Doggy and of course the greatest Winnie the Pooh in multiple sizes and appearances in bottles, plates, sippers, clothes…and also landed on her birthday cake!
 And finally came the Milestone we have been waiting for: Her 1st birthday was celebrated with great joy and fun…all her grandparents gathered to bless her and total mayhem with wailing kiddos who had no interest in the birthday cake but to burst all the balloons and then cry for more; Lucky girl got her 1st diamond studs as a gift from her Mom and dad…girls do start quite early nowadays, don’t they?  

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