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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Great British Summer!

Yes! Its officially here now…

PIMMS, barbeques, Royal Ascot, Strawberry picking and of course Adya and my birthdays…just some of the joys of summertime…the things that help us survive the cold and grey of England for the rest of the year!

Come June, July and August, all residents of the English soil cross their fingers to leave home without an umbrella!  The only 90 odd days that you can actually play peek-a-boo with the sun and clouds and have those warm coats and boots tucked away in storage cupboards.

In London especially, you better check the 10 pm news for weather forecast to predict whats coming up the next day on order to choose what to T-Shirt or Footwear and whether you can wash your laundry out to dry this weekend. This unpredictable 4 seasons- in- a- day behavior of the English Summer can ruin your perfect picnic basket spread and you would never know when few droplets can turn into a heavy thunderstorm and downpour out of the blue!

This summer kickstarted with the double bonanza of the Easter and Royal Wedding Bank Holidays. It was truly an overdose of off-season fun with the back-to-back holidays and what it brings along with it…

And what did I just do? Spotted another grey hair…I cannot take this any longer man…few more bank holidays and I will need another desperate salon visit to cover up for my act literally…I mean cmon, holidays are supposed to relax you, not make you go grey…

Not with a nearly- 3 year old with perpetual 4 bars of battery refusing to discharge no matter how much you tax her grey matter or muscle mass…

We have tried all possible activities to keep those lil feet busy. Right from getting a summer crop at mommy’s salon to the first attempt at the Cinema watching our first film as family chomping popcorn…having picnics in Surrey and feeding ducks at Hyde Park… innovative Easter Egg creations at the nursery and watching the Royal Wedding extravaganza on TV…we even tried dressing up in mommy’s saris and childhood dresses that were brought back from India utilizing the free excess baggage allowance by Air India!

There are definitely worse ways to spend lazy summer weekends than going to Peppa Pig World and facing the mayhem created by this tiny pink character. My daughter definitely contributes generously to the top grossing merchandise seller in UK…Peppa was Omnipresent! On bags, shoes,caps,duvet covers, suitcases, curtains, books, keychains, stickers and what else have I missed here??

Every ride had 30 minutes minimum waiting queues that drove all the kids bonkers everyone wailing for their turn and parents cursing Astley Baker Davies(Creaters of this menace!) After exploring every silly ride and the Live Appearances 4 times during the day, jumping in muddy puddles, paying 9 pounds for a snap with Peppa, Adya still wanted to stay back and had to be coaxed to go home when the gates were shutting!

Then, came Adya’s 3rd birthday celebrations and no guesses for the theme of the party! Again the pig resurfaced on every item- Birthday invites, ballons, cups, plates, tissues and Voila- the Birthday Cake and 85% of her birthday gifts and cards. We had to play the part of Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig with  no escape!

Her birthday gift from us was a Princess Bicycle complete with helmet and accessories which she simply adores and goes tring tring every evening post nursery. We were shocked with our little girls confidence in riding the bike as if she rode it before she started walking!

Now, the summer makes everything grow including my appetite chomping away Adya’s leftover cupcakes (Can’t even blame the post baby fat any more)…and it has made my baby grow up so quickly soaking up the sun…

Last week, Adya asked her Daddy for some pennies as her pocket money, and when he refused, she promptly pointed to the ATM Cash Machine as the source! Her speech is now filled with ‘’I dunno, Not yet, Go away, No naughtyyyyy, Take your shoes and go home to your mummy, I can’t find my bag anywhere, it must be lost’’ and many more hilarious terms.

She is so adamant about her demands nowadays; Adya spotting the icecream van = having a cone instantly, no matter how many bottles of Tixylix that mommy would need to pour down her throat later! She loves chatting with her friends on the telephone in imaginative role plays telling them about the latest Peppa DVD episode she knows by heart and would prefer not to be disturbed then! She remembers the route to the supermarket and moans the moment the car turns near the traffic lights during our weekly grocery sprees.

Miss Posh insists eating even the finest cheese gratings with a fork and spoon and wouldn’t entertain any mess on the dinner table. We have to pretend to scold all her nursery playmates who ‘supposedly’ take away her toys or push her or do something nasty or the other while she just watches!

But all said and done- Adya is my Summer Talisman: She can assist me to win a lost deal with a client or her never-give up attitude inspires to get through a super hectic day at work just like the rainbow after an untimely shower in the summertime. Look forward to many more beautiful seasons of the sun with you my darling daughter!