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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The magical blue line…

Seldom you would come across something small as a 2cm bleak blue line that would change the way you live, breathe, eat, dress and just about anything you have been doing till this moment in your life…

For a moment I froze in the loo….looking into the pregnancy kit result…can’t be true…so I retested…the same result!

I looked into the wall mirror…hello Mommy!

I woke up Joy from the middle of his sleep and broke the news….Obviously, he thought he was in the middle of a dream and asked me to go back to sleep…so I shook him again and this time he opened his eyes wide and sank it in!

We hugged each other and wept in happiness for the start of a new life….

So, the journey began…informing family and friends...preparing mentally and physically for the new member in our world..till now I believed that nothing could take my place in Joy’s life..but slowly I realised that the little heart beating inside me had already captured his mind and soul…

Every conversation, every action and reaction whatsoever revolved around this new ‘Arriving soon’ character.


1st Trimester:


• Endless list of unwanted ‘Free’ advice started floating all around us (Don’t have papayas…have 3 litre of milk daily for the baby’s fair complexion, no sex…blah blah…)

• Thou shall Do this and Don’t do that declarations were galore (Anyone heard of the saying: Rules are meant to be broken?)

• Whoever named it ‘Morning Sickness’ never thought of all the afternoons and evenings ruined by this syndrome!

• Mood swings and tantrums really made Mr. Husband wonder if pregnancy had side effects of insanity associated with it…

• Blood tests and Tetanus shots and dead tiredness out of doing nothing heroic were a real spoilsport in the 1st Trimester…


• I could (without any guilt) eat all the spicy, deep fried and chatpata items on the menu card without blinking an eye on the calorie counter.

• Husbands and dads spoil you rotten during these 9 glorious months…so make the most out of it! (I really miss Joy fetching me a glass of water even it was just 2 metres away and my dad tying my shoe laces like when I was a little girl coz I couldn’t bend!)

• Catching up on some quality reading and pursuing that long-forgotten hobby (Painting/ singing/writing…) while playing the role of a dedicated and attentive wife all this while.

• The Out-of the World expression on Joy’s face when he heard the baby’s heartbeat first time@ Sonography and asked the Doc if there was a train chugging in my tummy? Or the time when he wanted to Work out even more in the Gym to prepare for running around with the baby since he had never held one till date!

• The power of being a woman and ability to create life out of your own blood and flesh is truly overwhelming…Its something every woman must experience once in their lifetime..I thank God for blessing me with this gift and making me a complete individual…

Transformation of two free soul lovers into mature, patient and responsible parents and an even stronger team as a couple to battle this likeable approaching storm…That is what a tiny blue line can do your life….

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