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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Love my Bump!

I was finally into my 2nd Trimester….got rid of those nasty throw up bouts, mood swings and tenderness all over my body…I can claim to finally enjoy the amazing growth inside me.

I followed all the possible Mom discussion boards and enjoy reading weekly newsletter updates from informing me with all the intricate details about the new developments inside my bump…its fascinating to know how fast a single cell has multiplied into forming major organs and all sensory nerves…it helped me a lot with sensible guidance to flex my work and rest times with the right diet charts and exercises and even sleeping patterns to ensure maximum foetal blood supply..

I had developed very painful swollen feet by the 5th Month itself and waved goodbye to my high heels. My office folks really helped me cope with putting my feet up during work hours and accommodating my frequent loo trips.

Then, one fine Sunday evening, Joy and I were watching TV on the couch and then I felt it….my baby’s first kick! It was the most amazing fluttering sensation. Then I started feeling movements…I could make out when the baby was awake and when asleep. I kept track of the sleeping pattern and started getting hunger pangs in the middle of the night. Joy used to keep my favourite cookies next to bedside for my midnight snacks!

And of course, our endless shopping trips for purchasing 2/3 sizes larger outfits to accommodate ‘US’. Joy always made it a point to make me feel sexy even I looked like an upturned flower vase….still called me names he did when we were dating...he bought me new Makeup and great books to read and listen to Yogic chants to calm my senses for our baby…

I really enjoyed the tender, caring partner that Joy had metamorphosed himself into…helping me climb stairs, never missing a doctor appointment or scolding me for not taking my vitamins on time and taking me out for evening walks and surviving all the mushy Shahrukh Khan films I wanted to watch.

And it really helps, you know to have a support system in your hubby who is actually the most confused character in this whole episode…guilty to see his wife going through so much….apprehensions of his love getting shared with his baby and excited to be play Big Daddy all at the same time!

Our friends and family started to play ‘Guess me if you can’ with old wives tales and legends of whether it will be a Boy or Girl. Ring game, size and shape of my bump, eating patterns etc etc…Every passing old lady commented…..’You will get a bonny boy’ that used to annoy me so much….coz I wanted a girl so badly…and God does usually hear my prayers..LOL..

But, the USP of the 2nd Trimester was our intimate chats with our baby. Joy and I spent hours discussing our future plans as if our new family member was already listening and understanding every word spoken...Strange but true...whenever the baby got hyper active and started kicking violently, Joy just stroked my tummy and spoke to the baby and there was calm almost instantly… Sometimes, I used to wake up with the pushes and cry…And say, ‘Baby ur mamma is sad ..pls don’t hurt me’…and I felt the baby respond….Such is the miracle of parent and child bonding…I can imagine now how my parents miss me….Love u mom and dad..

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