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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

And the stork revisits....P.S. Notice the blog name change

Time not just flies but zooms and vroooms past when you are a mommy of a newborn....Yes, 6 months already that I have got a double promotion...yes 2nd time mommy and loving it....

People say it’s really lucky to have been blessed with a daughter…Well, then God must really love me coz I won the lottery!
Brightening up our lives like a pretty rainbow, our 2nd princess Arya arrived on a rainy January morning with a ‘ butter wouldn’t melt’ smile ….Yes, im not lying but this is her just 15 hours into this world, smiling away all our worries…

The happiest soul that day was actually the elder sister…She thinks that’s the best thing that happened to her really. She absolutely got smitten by her gorgeous little bundle…love at first sight!
She took the’ all grown up now’ role pretty seriously and has been a cool babysitter from Day Zero with Daddy back on his business trips on Day 10L (Anyone heard of Paternity Leave here?)“Adya get the wipes; Mamma watch baby, I need a wee; Adya rock your sister in the Moses Basket n she will stop wailing; Can you please read the text on my phone, I am feeding sissy”- My sweetheart did it all and didn’t moan even once…in fact she reached to pacify the baby before we picked up the baby monitor alerts downstairs…That’s what you call sister bonding , I guess….

Still remember the first day out for buggy ride with baby to pick up big Didi from school….she was ecstatic….
Adya even took baby for Show& Tell to her class…it was priceless to see her showing off her baby sissy to all her buddies!

As for Chini Chin Chin (That’s what we call her as soon as you tickle her chin- she smiles for England!); Although a complete clone of the elder one, you can clearly distinguish special characteristics so unique to her, a different persona altogether- this lil chipmunk already shows signs of ‘Whos the Boss’. 
 Generally, a very calm and composed lady, shes quite a no nonsense character when it comes to food and sleep routines….If she’s hungry and not attended to in few seconds, she lets the whole of Isleworth aware of the fact…poor neighbourhood aunty bears the brunt of midnight snack alert…
Quite a cheeky monkey already mastering motor skills by grabbing at my neck piece or Adya’s ponytails and her favourite is Daddy’s glasses…compared to my soft hearted elder peanut, this little one is proving all my ‘ Been there, done that formulas’ wrong….

Every kid is unique, same household, same gender,- doesn’t matter, still complete contrast…You thought it will be easier dealing with two girls, think again mommy….I can already foresee clashes of the style divas or which one gets more kissies on the daily count…then again, it may be a smooth sail…only time will tell…who cares…I am  loving it all over again!

However, key differences between now and 5 years earlier is that parenting is much simpler, easier and stress-free…errr…less stressful now I should say! There are so many tools, and technologies to keep it simple…
-          Amazon family membership upgrade is a must….nappies and wipes ….your lifelines are often half price to market rate and whats best is next day free delivery at your doorstep…no more last minute emergency dash to the 24 hour open local Asda!
-          There is now an App for almost every aspect of making a baby- right from tracking baby’s growth and development inside your tummy to birthing plan and right upto the first smiles, turns, teeth coming through and weaning plans!
-          Tommy Tippee and Fisher Price become your favourite brands over Burberry , Chanel and Gucci any day!
-          Electric breast pumps and Steam sterilisers are a blessing from God!
-          Baby monitors with camera feeds into your smartphones, where you can not only hear and see ur honeybun but also talk back to them or play her fav lullaby tune to soothe them without burning your dinner on the hob running to her rescue
-          A teething baby is no longer a monster with teething gels and granules and Sophie La Giraffe teether and Cheeky Chomper bibs that the baby can chew on all day and night…..
-          I particularly like muslin squares in bright colours and patterns that are a life saviour with multi purpose benefits right from mopping up milk spills to being a bib, sunshade, comforter, breastfeeding cover, peek a boo cloth and many more….
-          Clever buggies that can give Transformers – a run for their money, morphing into carseats, carry cots, strollers all with a press of a button here or moving a lever there..
-          Varied range of baby food- each one competing for Mum’s choice for healthy eating- each one boasting of newer tastes, textures for your child’s growing taste buds- Ella’s kitchen, Cow and Gate, Heinz, Annabel Karmel- (I thew away my blender the day I discovered these on the Boot’s aisle and each one is packed with the right doses of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6 supply for the clever tots!)
-          Milton dummy steriliser that attaches to your buggy n does the job in 5 minutes- for all those awkward moments when your lil one chucks it on the floor in the super market and cries at ear piercing decibels
-          Play gyms, rockers with vibrations, Bumbo seats- That’s entertainment and sleep making rolled into one stimulating those lil grey cells

-          Clever lil handy tools like roll up bibs to gather all crumbs,portable highchairs and spoons that screw into fruits pouches to avoid spillages are inventions on this millennium…
-          For mummies of pretty lil gals, you can now buy hair clips that actually slip into their hair like open scissors rather than traditional tic-tacs that may injure the soft skull…
-          Look out for half price seasonal sales on Jojo Maman Bebe and Mini Boden for your baby’s fashion haven with the latest style lines at affordable rates…

Well second time around it does get better honestly! You don’t run at the 1st cry or whimper…you know they will be OK… You become an expert and PRO at dealing with nappy rash, fever, common colds and projectile throw ups J Also learn to recycle hand me downs in Blues- Never mind if she asks me 10 years down the line why shes a tomboy in all baby pics….

Bottom line…Bonding is happening and I am loving it! Love my 2 flowers, 2 trophies and 2 iris of my eyes to bits ….Proud to be your mommy my darlings!